Dear Vogue,

There have been a lot of rebuttal about Vogue’s recent article which declared “the tits will not be out for the lads”. Firstly Vogue’s alleged “fashion bible” status should be questioned just for using the phrase “tits out for the lads” and secondly how can a body part be out of style?


Sure its a great thing that we are out of the early 2000’s Jordan era where young girls were lead to believe that huge implants were attractive, but can we really slam a body part that we can’t naturally control?

I understand that ever since the Kardashian’s there has been a rise in people trying to get a bum like Kim but at least that’s simply lead to more squats being added to peoples gym routines.

In the current era where we are trying to promote loving yourself, can we keep reading a magazine that’s telling us not to? Instead of declaring certain body parts as “out” why not show how you can adapt the latest trends for your body. There are going to be certain tops or dresses that don’t suit your body type or don’t fit right but there doesn’t need to be a season of clothing that is made to exclude those with a certain body type.

Fashion magazines should only declare something as “in or out” if it can be sold on depop!

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