3 days in Prague

So at 22 I finally organised a trip abroad all by myself, however my victory was very short-lived as I did accidentally email my boyfriend (who I was meant to be surprising) all the details!

Having such a short time in a new city we decided the best way to see it (and learn something about what we were seeing) was to do a walking tour.

My favourite story our tour guide told us was the legend of Princess Libuše, who had a dream about a farmer. She then sent her noblemen to go and find the man from her dream, and they ended up falling in love and living happily ever after. It now has me hoping that a Prince will have a dream about me and come rescue me from the library.

On our last day we visited the Holocaust museum, which as you can imagine was quite an emotional experience. One of its main exhibits was the drawers young children had drawn whilst at the concentration camps. One woman would sneak them in art supplies to help distract them. Every photo came with three dates. The date they were born, the date they went to Auschwitz, and the day they died. Although it was extremely emotional it was great to learn more about the history of the city and see how well they remembered those who died.

My favourite site was defiantly the astronomical clock tower , even though it has been voted the 2nd most underrated attraction in Europe. Another highlight was the beer museum as well, which although I didn’t learn much you did get 4 beers thrown in with the entrance cost.

Sadly the only classic czech cuisine I was willing to try was the donuts covered in sugar and filled with nutella, oh and the traditional czech beer!

A little city break was the perfect way to take a breather from the impending doom of university work. I just hope next time I’ll be better at keeping it a surprise!

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