Final Year Top 5

So I have finally reached my last year of University so I thought I’d write a post about a few things that have helped me make it this far.

*** Disclaimer: This list does not include certain essentials such as pens, or scientific calculators (if you’re going into final year you should really know you need these things)

1.Really cute stationary 


(Mine have a strong “I don’t know what I’m doing” theme)

Even if you don’t have a clue what’s going on in a lecture it can be comforting to know that your stationary at least implies to those around you that you’re super organised.

2. The Perfect Hangover Jumper 


One of the worst things about University is having a compulsory 9am on a Thursday that there is at least a 75% chance you’ll be super hungover for. So if you are forced to leave your bed when you feel like death you need a jumper that gives you the same amount of comfort.

(I like mine to be alcohol themed)

3. Polaroids lots and lots of polaroids


Decorate your room with lots of photos of your summer or your previous uni adventures. This way when you’re peak revision you can remember that good times are literally just around the corner.

4. A Best Friend 


When you’re feeling really down/stressed you need a best friend to get you out of your house (even if it’s just for a trip to Wagamumas) or to keep you in the house but with a movie and a large bottle of wine.

5. A Solid Skin Care Routine 


Your skin is very susceptible to stress, hence why it tends to be during exam times that you break out in spots (annoyingly this is also the time you can’t be bothered to wear makeup)! So not only should you have a regular routine but treat yourself to facemasks every once in a while!

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